5 Incredible Health Advantages Of Organic Jaggery

Posted by Admin on November, 30, 2023

A healthy lifestyle does not equate to giving up pastries, chocolates, or sugary treats. You may substitute refined sugar with a variety of alternatives. However, in most cases, they end up causing a greater risk than benefit. Over the long run, artificial sweeteners pose a greater risk than white sugar.

But fear not—there is a far healthier and tasty substitute available. Organic jaggery or gur is the most wholesome, natural, and affordable substitute for sugar. The healthiest sugar cane is used by organic jaggery manufacturers in India, to produce their products, in addition to sun-dried drying methods. As a result, it is chemical-free and extremely healthy.

To learn more about organic jaggery and its advantages, keep reading.

What is Organic Jaggery?

Since organic jaggery is unrefined and non-distilled, no chemicals are used in its production. Thus, every nutrient—including calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium—is kept intact. It serves as a healthy natural sweetener. It may be included in a variety of recipes and desserts without having a negative impact.

Organic jaggery is readily available in supermarkets and online. Reputable organic jaggery suppliers provide fresh, non-toxic, brownish jaggery. To ensure the safety and freshness of the products, they pack your order hygienically in jute bags.

Helps to Lose Weight

Organic jaggery has far less calories than table sugar and is sweeter. While sugar makes you gain weight, it helps your body retain water, which helps you lose weight.

Bid Farewell To Iron Deficiency

Iron, which is necessary for the body to produce haemoglobin, is abundant in organic jaggery. Consuming a jaggery piece daily might assist women in managing symptoms associated with PMS, such as cramps, mood changes, and stomach aches. You may get all the iron you need each day by eating a little piece of jaggery. Those who suffer from anaemia should do this.

Enhances Digestion

Organic jaggery facilitates bowel motions, which in turn activates our body's digestive enzymes. It strengthens the intestines and promotes easy faeces, which helps in the body's natural cleansing process. When our forefathers told us to have something sweet after our meals, they were not wrong. Consuming a jaggery piece post-meal facilitates digestion and wards against constipation.

Boosts Immunity in a Wonderful Way

Back in the day, it was customary to serve guests water and jaggery. Long-lasting vigour and prevention of weariness are provided by it. Organic jaggery is an abundance of antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium that help stop free radicals. It fortifies your immunity and increases resistance to illnesses.

Treats Symptoms of the Flu

If taken consistently, this natural sweetener works like magic to regulate energy levels. By adding jaggery to the diet, several common ailments including migraines, bloating, water retention, coughing, and colds can be effectively treated. You can combine it with ginger and pepper powder, for quick relief from coughing and throat discomfort. Having ginger or tulsi tea with jaggery helps treat common colds.

To get all the health advantages of organic jaggery, you can use them with a glass of warm water or use them instead of sugar in your tea or coffee. Try organic jaggery today, which is readily accessible, if you're trying to add a healthy sweetener to your diet out of concern for your health.

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